My brother sent me the link to this video. Having watched it I only have two questions:

1. Why would someone go to all the trouble to make the video above?

2. Why hasn’t the Darda company put this creativity to use?

I’m not complaining. Part of the joy of YouTube is that allows for outrageous and bizarre examples of creativity to be shared with a wider audience. I can’t be the only person that felt dissapointed when Flash Mobs stopped being spontanous, creative, mass demonstrations, and became set pieces for companies trying to sell more mobile phones.

But as I’ve pointed out before, some people have managed to make their homemade efforts pay handsomely. Judging by their MySpace Profile, the Darda brothers haven’t quite cracked that one yet.

It’s ironic that the name Darda – which is the brand of toy car used in the film – is similar to that of the Dada movement. The original Dadaist’s produced anti-art that stood against all logic and reason, and instead created – according to one Dada artist –  “a phenomenon bursting forth in the midst of the postwar economic and moral crisis, a savior, a monster, which would lay waste to everything in its path.” (I must have missed that last part).

So is this a modern Dadaist masterpiece, a toy car advert in waiting, or just another pointless YouTube video? You decide.


3 thoughts on “Why bother?

  1. Hi Bruv!

    True, customer engagement rarely gets better than this. But if you were Darda, would you really get in touch? Wouldn’t that run the risk of corporatizing their efforts – condemning them to the same fate as flash mobs? After all, the viewing figures for their previous 07 vid shows they’re generating ample amounts of free publicity as it is.

    Linking this discussion with your other blog on the Pro vs Pro-Am debate. Which category would you place James May’s Toy Stories? Of course, you won’t have any trouble guessing which one I liked best.

    Finally, isn’t everything pointless? Amazing how one toy vid can provoke such profound musings!

    • Thanks D.

      I’m not suggesting that Darda should have remade the video’s (their marketing budget probably doesn’t extend that far), but instead of their tragic corporate video, they could redesign their homepage to incorporate the best of the fanboy videos from around the world, and demonstrate that they are part of the community – just look at what Lego have done.

      Still as you say, its just another YouTube video, and with 20hours being uploaded every minute – Why bother?

  2. thank you for the smart words. the video was made by me and my brother . every two years he comes from Amsterdam to Melbourne for 2 weeks to hang out here. so instead of just drinking beer, we spend 3 days making totally useless Darda video because we dreamed of making them as we played with the toy all these years ago. and i would hate it to be used to sale more crap, except Darda?
    for the next video it would be good to get some support from Darda. but its been quiet from them.


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